Breakfast at Ardoe House


Blair's Drawing Room


After a wonderfully peaceful night sleep you wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed or if you are wanting a treat for light breakfast Blair's Drawing Room is the perfect choice! 

Available from 7am - 12pm

Filled Rolls                                                             £3.95pp
Sausage, Bacon or Egg
Porridge                                                                 £3.95pp
Toast & Preserves                                               £3.50pp
Coffee Selection
Americano £3.75                      Mocha £3.95
Latte £3.95                                Espresso £3.50
Cappuccino £3.95                    Double Espresso £4.50
Flat White £3.75                        Hot Chocolate £3.95
English Breakfast £3.50
Specialist Tea  £3.75 per person
More Information
We offer a variety of gift vouchers for every occasion, elegantly presented. Our reservations manager will be happy to assist with your request, simply contact our team 01224 860600 or email